My confession

January 18, 2016

Hi, my name is Anna and I am a blogaholic. I have a problem with starting blogs and not following up with them. I currently have six blogs in my blogger account and sporadically update only one. I start blogs with high hopes, lofty ambitions and creative goals, then let them sit there and wither away into the interwebs abyss. I apparently really like designing blogs and creating a space, then forget to actually USE the space. Oops.

Things got confusing when I started my photography business a few years back. I used to use my blogger blog as a way to share my work, but then I started using my professional photography blog to share my work. But now I miss sharing and recording my life, not just my work. Hence, my attempt to re-enter the creative blogging world.

My most current blog, Hogans in Holland, is all about my husband and my travels throughout Europe while we live in the Netherlands for a year. Confused? Lost? Yeah, a LOT has happened since I last updated Snap Happy. Plus, does anyone remember Photographs & Memories - my first jaunt in the blogging world? I loved that space and miss using it for writing and inspiriting my creativity. But it died when I accidentally erased all my photos from my gmail account (Stupid gmail.)

All this to say that I want ONE  space (or maybe two...) to be able to scroll through my life in the last five years of entering the blog world. I'm going to be combining Photographs & Memories posts into Snap Happy, and then using Snap Happy for random documentation of my life. There might not be photos from P&M posts, but oh well. Hogans in Holland will mainly be about our travels and sharing our adventures with our friends, so check that out too.

So, enjoy my random life documentation of my life - hopefully it will be easier to follow soon.
The end.


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