Our Wedding // Finding THE dress

February 26, 2015

Finding THE dress was really difficult for me (along with every other part of the planning process). I tried on about 30 dresses at 7 different stores, and by the end of it I was confused, exhausted, and downright discouraged. I loved a few of them, but always found one little thing that wasn't perfect. On top of it, I was shopping in the cold of January and it was extremely difficult for me to image when I'd what to wear in the summer. I had a few criteria - I wanted little lace sleeves and didn't want it to be a stereotypical wedding dress. No rhinestones, no frills, nothing too over to top. But besides that I was pretty open to any style and look. But for some reason, I had the hardest time finding my dress.

When I walked into Amy Kuschel in downtown San Francisco, I knew this was the place. They had so many gorgeous, hand made dresses to choose from and it was so reassuring to know that they would make the dress for YOU, tailoring it to be the perfect, one of a kind dress for your day.  No extra alterations or the worry of sending your dress somewhere random - they did it all. Plus, my bridal consultant Teresa was amazing and totally understood all of my dress concerns.

Needless to say, I was in love with my dress. The second I slipped the little lace sleeve over my shoulder I was hooked. I love the deep cut of the back with the lace shoulders and felt like a sexy goddess because of the way it hugged my body. My fittings were so exciting because I could see the dress being put together over the months, but it wasn't until my final fitting a week before the wedding that I tried on my real dress for the first time and I was completely breathless. It was perfectly me.


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