to grandmother's house we go

September 5, 2012

Spending time with my grandmother is always such a treat: she is such a knowledgeable, kind, well rounded lady that has been a strong role model for me growing up. This weekend the family and Jack brought brunch over and  spent a wonderful afternoon  in the sun discussing just about every topic possible: politics, education, the resource war, careers.. you name it, we covered it. There's nothing better than spending a day feasting like kings and having intellectual conversations to feed your mind too! 

And of course, I spend a good portion of the day exploring her eclectic house: each room is decorated with relics from her travels and well-lived life. I was transported back to my childhood  when my sister and I would play for hours in each other the rooms, pretending we were at a boarding school where I was the teacher and she was the students, "studying" from her vintage book collection and "sleeping" in the "Coyote Room" (can you guess which room that was?) I can't wait to bring my own children here and let their imaginations grow and develop like ours did. 


  1. wow i love all of these photos, especially the blue wall paper!
    grandparents have the best finds in their homes.

    xo the egg out west.

  2. i love this post.
    your grandmother's house looks like it is filled with love, stories and character.
    i love every bit of it, and i am sure you do too!



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